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As the design lead, I defined the app scope and created the final design deliverable (logo, navigational flow, 6/7 hi-fi mocks, and the design specs).

Florum is a mobile CRM solution that focuses on real estate agents’ goal of building and maintaining relationships. The idea is to take current task-oriented mobile solutions and flipping it to fit the client-centric mental model that realtors have. The app features a prioritized list of past and active clients to easily contact. Realtors can also view their progress to be further motivated to maintain client contact.


Realtors help us make one of the biggest decisions of our lives: where is the perfect home to live in. They are constantly mobile, rushing between client meetings during the day. Their job revolves around happy clients.

When tasked with designing a solution for any type of mobile worker in Interaction Design Studio, my team was motivated to create a mobile solution to help realtors.

Design Process

We interviewed and surveyed 21 realtors to deep dive into this domain. Turns out realtors don’t need another task management app like we had originally assumed! One interviewee said, “I wish to continue to build relationships with the people that I help and continue to grow my business at the same time.” This was consistent with our aggregated insights, indicating the client-centric perspective that we discovered in our users.

After research, we iterated on the app’s features by creating paper prototypes and collecting feedback from realtors and peers. Realtors loved our emphasis on both past and active clients but did not like the plant growth metaphor that we originally used to illustrate the growth of their relationship with individual clients. After refining our scope some more, we made high-fidelity screens as well as design specifications for future deveoplement. In addition, we made a video to explain our final design concept.

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