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My Contribution

Contextual inquiries, data synthesis, storyboards, interaction design, team branding, high-fidelity mockups.

As the design lead, I crafted the high-fidelity mockups in Illustrator to capture and integrate the 6 core features.

GE Healthcare

Our task: improve radiologists' workflow

Radiologists study patient X-ray images and make reports based on their findings. In emergency situations, the radiologist’s ability to diagnose the patient can mean the difference between life and death. As technology becomes more integrated into the hospital workflow, software usability and design begins to play a vital role in supporting radiologists and not getting in their way.

This is why GE Healthcare was one of my top choices when we selected capstone projects. I saw an opportunity to deep dive into an unfamiliar domain and truly impact people’s lives through user-centered design.

Research: 50+ hours with 18 radiologists

Starting in January, my team flew to different parts of the country and interviewed 18 radiologists in order to understand their usage of the Radiology Information System (RIS). We then synthesized the 500+ data points that we collected by building an affinity diagram as well as various work models.

Our findings prepare us for the UI designs that are scheduled for the summer. In addition, we discovered an opportunity to bring additional value to GE by creating a set of 8 radiology-specific software heuristics to act as design guidelines for GE developers. When we presented these heuristics to our clients, they immediately requested us to print out extra copies for their offices. My team shared responsibilities during the research phase.

Design: 250+ visions to 6 core features in 4 months

My team generated 250+ visions to both address the insights from research and the radiologist's workflow that we built. We then prioritized the visions based on relevance to radiologists, value add for GE, vision feasibility, and project scope.

For concept validation, we created storyboards and paper prototypes. The 27 storyboards described each concept in the context of a scenario. Based on radiologists' feedback, we then created 9 paper prototypes to explore different interactivities. We received feedback from both European radiologists and SIIM conference attendees, after which we selected 7 features for mid-fidelity prototyping. In addition, we asked radiologists to do card sorting to prioritize UI elements based on their preferencs.

In the interaction design phase, we used Axure to combine the features into one cohesive prototype, which I turned into high-fidelity mockups in Illustrator. I led the team to organize the information architecture and incorporate design patterns such as accordion menu in the design. We iterated on the prototype based on additional user testing, incorporating A/B testing to explore multiple options.

Result: functional prototype, happy clients

Below are some photos of my process when designing our team's report cover and logo. Due to NDA, I cannot describe the final prototype in details.

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