My Role

As the primary designer at Tasteful, I worked closely with design, product, and engineering on Paleo Digest (iOS only).

Thinking like the user is essential. In addition to conducting regular user tests, I read four nutritional books and personally completed a 30-day paleo challenge.

Tools: Sketch, InVision, Pixate, POP Prototype.

Design Challenge

Before building Paleo Digest, we interviewed people and learned about the frustrations of eating healthy. Turns out most people prefer to cook healthy food at home and view eating out as more of a "cheat" meal. As a result, the team decided to focus on helping people, specifically aspiring paleo users, to find healthy dishes at restaurants nearby.

Iterative Process

When tasked with a specific use case, I usually start with notebook sketches of ideas, combined with a quick research of existing solutions to the challenge in other apps. The next step is to whiteboard the ideas for feedback from design, product, and engineering. We then iterate on the design and build an interactive prototype to get feedback from users. Finally, I spec out the designs for engineering to build.


I made high-level flow diagrams and visual specs for each screen. Later, a UI Kit was built to componentize the UI elements for consistency in design and engineering.

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